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All you need to know about Lithium LiFePO4 technology


Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries are widely used in electric vehicles, electric bikes and now becoming more popular in the electric golf cart application. It is the safest type of lithium battery chemistry made today. These types of cells are used in some electric cars.

Lithium batteries are used in these applications as they react and recover extremely well when going through a deep discharge cycles. Typically these cells will perform well in excess of 2,000 cycles when drained to 80% (DOD).  In a golfing application this could see a serious golfer playing 4 times a week through well over 5 years of golf.

Each battery has a built in battery management system (BMS) that manages the cells to give optimum charge and discharge characteristics and consequently life.

Lithium batteries are ideal for golf as they are extremely light, extremely resilient and offer a level of reliability that is not seen in lead acid batteries. The Caddy Cell Lithium battery is a true 12 volt battery and as such is a direct replacement for any 12 volt lead acid battery on any electric golf trolley.