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All Caddycell products are made of the best quality Lithium Ion Phosphate cells, this offers the safest most stable and long lasting battery available in this application.  To you that means ease of use and up to 2,000 charge/recharge cycles or 10 years’ service.

To achieve this please follow these instructions to get the most from your equipment.

  • Always charge your battery within 24 hours of use, sooner whenever possible.
  • Always ensure the charger or trolley/vehicle connections are fully pushed into the battery, partial connections are not acceptable.
  • Ensure there is never any debris in the charger or battery plug or socket.
  • Once the charger light goes to green the battery is fully charged - to preserve the life of the charger it is best to disconnect the charger once the green light comes on.
  • When you disconnect the charger ensure that the charger is disconnected from the mains AND the battery.
  • The battery will remain in perfect condition after charging for at least 12 weeks so no top up charging is needed or is desirable.
  • When the charger is plugged into the mains and not the battery a green light should show.
  • When the charger is plugged into the battery the red light MUST be seen to come on, if not you are not charging. Once the red light is on you can leave the charger and battery to work together.
  • Don’t position the charger plug in a way that will cause any strain on the plug or the wire.